National Facility for Seismological Investigations

Supported by a partnership of 10 universities from across Canada, the NFSI operates state-of-the-art ocean-bottom seismometers enabling innovative research investigations across the world’s oceans, inland seas, and lakes in both passive and active source seismology. Based at Dalhousie University, our lab provides instrumentation and data preprocessing services worldwide, and maintains a repository of ocean-based seismic data.

News & Announcements

NFSI's 2023 Wrapped

Read our latest blog post with the highlights of our last year.

Mini-doc of NFSI's St. Lawrence Seaway OBS Deployment

NFSI staff were accompanied by videographer Felix Heinzelmann on our deployment of 8 Aquarius BOBS in the St Lawrence Seaway in September 2023. We got in-depth about some of the challenges we face and our hopes for the future of the facility.